Preliminary Program

Thursday, 11 October 2018
Hall A
9:00 12:30 Pre-congress course - Part I.
Semen characteristics and male pathology
Endocrine evaluation
Imaging of the male reproductive system
Perspectives of genetics in the Andrology Clinic
Global health assessment of the infertile man
Clinical value of proteomic biomarkers
13:30 15:00 Pre-congress course - Part II.
Sexual Transmitted Desease and fertility
Medical therapy
Surgical treatment
Assisted Reproductive Techniques
15:00 15:30 Opening Ceremony
15:30 17:00 Golden oral comunications 1
17:00 18:00 State of the art lectures
Endocrine disruptors and reproductive health: PROS
Endocrine disruptors and reproductive health: CONS
EAA ultrasound project
18:00 19:30 Poster session 1
Friday, 12 October 2018
Hall A Hall B
8:30 10:00 Symposium 1
Genetics and Omics in male infertility

Y-chromosome sequencing
Sperm chromatin remodeling and sperm epigenome
Metabolomics of sperm differentiation and funcions
ESAU session 1
Surgery of male infertility

Surgery for sperm recovery from a testis with malignant disease: sperm recovery rate and consequences in testicular function
Do the effects of varicocelectomy on Leydig cellular secretory function, sperm DNA integrity, and sperm functional assays raise the need to revisit the indications for varicocelectomy?
Surgery for testicular torsion-detorsion and potential adjunct pharmacological treatments: Is there a role for ischemic postconditioning?
Sperm recovery for cryopreservation from young boys with oncological disease: which is the best approach?
10:00 11:00 Symposium 2
Late-onset hypogonadism: is it the time over?

LOH is dead
LOH is still alive
LOH to be alive is not enough
ESAU-EAA session 2
Debate and State of The Art Lectures

Debate in Andrology: Sperm DNA integrity testing: Just one more test?
Debate in Andrology: A test with a major role in the prediction of sperm fertilizing potential
State of The Art Lecture: Hypogonadism in young men treated for cancer
State of The Art Lecture: Sexual rehabilitation after treatment for prostate cancer
11:30 12:00 ASA-EAA exchange lecture
Genetics of male infertility: what we have learned from exome studies
12:00 12:30 ESE-EAA excahnge lecture
Gonadotrophins in male fertility
13:00 14:30 Industry symposium 1 Symposium 3
Testis Endocrinology and Biology

Leydig cell function beyond testosterone
Testicular macrophages: how hormones determines their function?
Sertoli cell function beyond spermatogenesis
14:30 15:30 Symposium 4
EAA guidelines
ESAU session 3
Erectile dysfunction

Indications for ectopic reservoir placement during inflatable penile implant surgery
Is there a role for non-invasive approaches in the treatment of iatrogenic priapism?
Parameters associated with the degree of penile deformity in Peyronie disease
Cardiovascular risk factors associated with erectile dysfunction
16:00 17:00 Symposium 5

Andrological care in adults after childhood cancer
Late effects of oncological treatment in prostate cancer
Genetic risk factors for germ cell cancer
Selected oral presentations 2
17:00 18:00 Symposium 6
From andrological diseases to general health

Erectile dysfunction and risk factors of socially significant diseases
Long-term health in ICSI children
Semen analysis: a potential biomarker for general health?"
Selected oral presentations 3
18:00 19:30 EAA General Assembly
Saturday, 13 October 2018
Hall A Hall B
9:00 9:30 State of the art lecture
Future options for fertility preservation
9:30 11:00 Young researchers in Andrology Symposium 7
Andrological disease

Premature ejaculation
Medical management of erectile dysfunction
Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms and erectile dyfunction: is there a causal relationship?
12:00 13:00 Symposium 8
Transitional Andrology: from adolescense to adult

Early endocrine treatment for Klinefelter syndrome? - PROS
Early endocrine treatment for Klinefelter syndrome? - CONS
Optimal management of disorders of sex development
Symposium 9
Beyond standard semen analysis

WHO Manual: Status Report and WHO perspectives
Sperm RNA and male fertility
How many sperm function tests do we need?
13:00 13:30 Closing ceremony / Awards